Cooling and refrigeration technology

Commercial refrigeration

Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, or supermarket, we have a complete range of premium cooling solutions that meet your needs. Our cooling solutions are based on next generation technologies and focus on maximum protection of food products. Our equipment includes a wide range of applications for cooling and freezing. We have traditionally represented the leading cooling brands on the market which are sold through the independent Beijer Ref sales companies. Through many years of cooperation with suppliers with the most technologically advanced products, the Beijer Ref sales companies guarantee efficient systems and satisfied customers.

HVAC (Comfort cooling)

HVAC solutions cover the entire range from heating and air conditioning for private homes to climate control of large office spaces.

The comfort cooling market has a good growth trend, but is more cyclical than commercial cooling. Within Europe there are geographical differences in how mature the market is compared to other markets. In southern Europe, climate control systems for comfort cooling are very extensive, while the market in Northern Europe is still characterized by organic growth.

Within the heating segment, technical developments in recent years have resulted in highly efficient air-to-water heat pumps replacing traditional oil and gas burners, which has benefited the demand for the Group’s products.

Beijer Ref has concluded an exclusive agreement for the distribution of products from renowned brands. This allows the company to offer its customers a wide product range that includes: air conditioning, heat pumps and ventilation systems. All high quality products with low energy consumption.

Beijer Ref distributes various brands within comfort cooling through agreements with renowned companies. Beijer Ref also distributes small components for refrigeration and air conditioning under its own Freddox brand. All products are sold through independent sales companies. Customers in the Benelux can also benefit from the extensive product range of Beijer Ref Groep.