Industrial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration technology

Whether you operate a food industry, process cooling or a ice skating rink, the Beijer Ref companies have a complete range of premium cooling solutions that meet your needs.

These cooling solutions are based on next generation technologies and are aimed at maximum protection of the cooling process. The development of the products is partly driven by the demand for increased energy efficiency and a reduced impact on the environment. That is why often natural refrigerants are implemented such as CO2 and ammonia when cooling solutions are provided for industrial applications.

Beijer Ref does not sell products itself. Sales, and therefore also production, always takes place through the independent sales companies.


Beijer Ref emphasizes OEM products. Own production of power packs and heat exchange products is an increasingly high-priority segment. The explanation is both simple and clear. As one of the three largest and most modern cooling wholesale companies, we have built up a unique insight into the diverse cooling needs of our customers on the world market.

By transferring more than 50 years of accumulated cooling competence to a growing portfolio of OEM products, the ambition is to offer our customers even more competitive solutions within individual standard products and tailor-made general concepts.

In this context, there is a special focus on technical solutions that are at the forefront of sustainable development with regard to the environment and that not only meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the sector for large profit margins.

Power packs
Beijer Ref has its own factories for power packs in Europe and South Africa. Beijer Ref offers its customers worldwide standardized products as well as customized solutions, equipped with the latest environmental technologies.

All Beijer Ref OEM products are environmentally friendly. Of course, constructions are also offered, equipped with the latest transcritical CO2 solutions.

Moreover, we are happy to share our knowledge with the aim of stimulating and accelerating development even further. Our Italian company, SCM Frigo, for example, has built up an advanced and highly valued test area, where Beijer Ref customers are invited to test new environmentally friendly products in a realistic environment.

Products are always sold through the independent sales companies.

Heat exchangers
The production companies of Beijer Ref have more than 50 years of experience in the development of heat exchange products.

With a range consisting of more than 50 material combinations – such as stainless steel, titanium and copper – they create innovative solutions that meet the often very specific requirements of the customers.

One of the specialties is the development of complete heat exchange systems for special and demanding purposes, such as special solutions in titanium for the offshore industry and aluminum systems for evaporation ammonia in various industrial applications.

Products are always sold through independent sales companies.

SCM Ref assembly

Is located in the Beijer Ref Support and is a independent assembly facility for the Beijer Ref companies and is located in Oirschot the Netherlands. SCM Ref specializes in standard Ammonia units with a low refrigerant content and custom-made Ammonia installations. SCM Ref contains two “low-charge” products; a cooling installation and a cooling unit for small industrial projects, with glycol as secondary refrigerant liquid, to deliver (ancillary) cooling to a room. The standard air cooled AC line starts at 190 kW to 960 kW. The water cooled AC line from 300 kW to 1385 kW. The units are plug and play and easy to install. In addition, SCM Ref can produce any other customized unit up to three, four or five Megawatts.

All units are assembled in the SCM Ref assembly hall in Oirschot, which is furnished in accordance with ISO and PED guidelines. It goes without saying that SCM Ref has F-gas certification. Our independent sales companies are therefore assured of quality and can have all their units assembled with confidence in this modern production hall. Contact the independent sales companies for the possibilities.

Some key figures:

The maximum construction height is 10 meters. In this way high cascade units can be produced in one go.

With own test facilities units can be safely tested. We have a pressure test room of 10 x 10 meters. The operation of that room is controlled from a safe separate secondary room. All pressure equipment can be controlled and operated from here. Very safe!

In the clear assembly hall we have 2 overhead cranes with a total capacity of 5 tons and 2 overhead cranes with a capacity of 10 tons.

SCM Ref is equipped with modern tools to produce very high quality and custome made units.

The space is conditioned by means of an air handling unit for cooling and heating. Also with separate floor heating.

The modern assembly facility has a central exhaust system for extracting smoke and toxic gases. This is equipped with a high-efficiency flue gas filter. The warm air is not discharged outside, but is purified and delivered to the interior again. This saves heating power. In the summer, the cooled air is purified and returned to the interior in the same way, saving energy again.

Every workplace has its own welding / soldering point and is obtained via a central gas and oxygen cycle system. The gas supply (built up outside) is brought from outside to inside, creating an extra safe workplace.

We use liquid nitrogen to ‘extort’ and to ‘flow’.

There are two separate welding areas specially for stainless steel and one welding area specially for steel. The workplaces are equipped with mobile PC towers, so that the installers can immediately consult 3D drawings for easy assembly.