Our customers pay a fair price for our products. At the Benelux level, we have centralized various services in the Beijer Ref Support Center to support our sales organizations. Due to their central nature, services such as Master data, Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics, Administration and Finance cut some slack to the sales offices, so that they can fully focus on the customer. This ensures a high level of involvement and service towards the customer and also ensures cost control. This makes us even more of a specialist and sparring partner for our customers, providing excellent quality at a fair price.

We enter into close cooperation with technical specialists. Thanks to a wide variety of components and equipment, the (end) customers gets what they are looking for.

With our storage capacity and fast networks, we can immediately meet every demand. As part of a global organization, we have the technical support and versatility in-house and we are always up to date with the latest technological developments.

The Beijer Ref Support Center facilitates a modern assembly department. All rack building activities of our sales companies can be outsourced and build here. Investments are made in NH3 and CO2 specialization, but all sorts of other custom made projects in any complexity can be perfectly build here on demand of the customers.

Professional care with innovative services are the long-term objective and vision of Beijer Ref Support BV.

Corporate mission / vision / strategy

Corporate mission
‘World wide Market leader in refrigeration technology’


Beijer Ref identifies and evaluates critical variables in the value chain, which means that the operation of the customer and general business operations are central. These variables include: decentralization, local presence, accessibility, fast and efficient logistics, technical expertise and service.

Long-term planning and stability are characteristics of the Group’s relationships with suppliers and customers. At the same time, the ability to change is an important cornerstone. The Group strives for gradual changes and adjustments to new market conditions. The latest developments in component supply, quality, safety, ethics and social involvement are therefore central target areas of our mission.

Beijer Ref wants to further strengthen its position as a leading organization in the world and continue to grow as a global market leader. The goal is to grow faster than the market.

Corporate vision
‘World wide Partner in refrigeration technology’


Beijer Ref enters into professional partnerships and connections. Our company strives to pay balanced attention to social interests, the environment and fair and healthy profit for all its activities.

As a leading organization, Beijer Ref can develop independent partnerships with suppliers and offer them access to a large market. Through the network of subsidiaries of the Group, the products can be sold cost-efficient and can be distributed to a large customer base.

Corporate strategy
‘High value in refrigeration technology’


Beijer Ref focuses on refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. The resources are primarily aimed at wholesalers, but also at the in-house development of advanced environmentally friendly refrigeration systems.

Beijer Ref will continue to grow organically and through additional acquisitions in existing and new markets, both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

  • The Group will give priority to long-term planning and stability in its business relationships.
  • The primary interest groups consist of shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers

Beijer Ref wants to be the market leader in the refrigeration business. Head priorities are: innovation, reliability and expertise. To support our strategy, clear objectives are formulated every year. Obviously CSR is also part of these objectives. Beijer Ref Support BV will provide comprehensive support for these goals for its sales companies.