CSR & Code of ethics

CSR policy

Our international objective is mainly aimed at replacing products and refrigerants with products that have less harmful impact on the environment.

We have been doing this for decades. We have adopted a framework of global agreements to phase out climate-influencing refrigerants.

We have expanded our social responsibility by drawing up goals and reporting on CSR. Beijer Ref and Beijer Ref Support BV also have a clear and unambiguous policy in the field of fair business and human rights.

Sustainability goals:

  • CO2 reduction.
  • Sustainable use of raw materials.
  • Responsible waste policy.
  • Working with green and sustainable systems.
  • Our buildings have a low footprint.

Humanity goals:

  • Stimulate employees and management at the local community.
  • Contribution to local partnerships.
  • Supporting associations.
  • Employment for local youth during vacations.
  • Internship places for students and graduates, also international.
  • Ethics training for own staff.
  • Stimulating the health of our staff by movement and ergonomics and safe working conditions.
  • The company respects, supports, and promotes human rights, as identified in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the core International Labor Organization conventions.
  • Beijer Ref is stimulating social, economic, cultural and political diversity and gender equality for women.

Entrepreneurship goals:

  • The company operates according to principles of good corporate governance.
  • The company aims to continuously reduce the negative environmental impact of its activities.
  • The company acts as a good corporate citizen in all societies where it operates.
  • The company’s social, environmental and ethical obligations are reflected in all contacts with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • All manufacturers who supply products to us have demonstrated a high level of quality assurance, technical expertise and environmental awareness. Long-term relationships with suppliers are important to us because they enable our customers to buy in confidence knowing their essential requirements will be met.
  • We ensure that all products we sell meet the strictest possible environmental performance standards. We test and review all our products to ensure they consume the lowest energy in their class, yet provide the best levels of performance.
  • Beijer Ref offers all refrigerants available in the market to offer the best solution for the relevant application, based on compliance with regulations and taking into account investment costs, energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  • We involve our stakeholders (customers, suppliers and employees) in product choices, so that our company policy ensures that Beijer Ref becomes and remains a valued partner.

Code of ethics

Beijer Ref Support has a whistleblower function which gives employees the opportunity to openly or anonymously report suspected irregularities within the company.

The Ethical Guidelines establishes some key principles that apply to all the Company´s operations and shall govern the behaviour of all employees of the Company. Employees are stimulated to report any suspected breach of the rules set out in these Ethical Guidelines to their immediate supervisor or manager.

Personal conduct of employees:

  • Employees must comply with the law.
  • Where no legislation or rules govern personal conduct, each employee must exercise sound judgement and due care.
  • Whenever in doubt, employees should raise their questions with a superior or another responsible staff member.
  • Colleagues, customers, and other business partners must be treated with respect and fairness.
  • Discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, at the Company are unacceptable.
  • The Company´s employees shall perform their work without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Anti-corruption and bribery

  • The Company is against any form of corruption and bribery and is committed to combatting such practices.
  • The Company competes for business on fair terms and solely on the merits of its products and services.
  • Regardless of local practice, any personal payments, kickbacks or bribes between the Company and customers, suppliers or public servants are strictly prohibited.
  • It is unacceptable to receive gifts or other gratuities from business partners – unless it is customary in the environment to do so, and the gift or gratuity is of modest value and serves a business purpose.

Compliance with competition laws

  • Compliance with all applicable competition rules and regulations lies at the heart of the Company´s business practice.
  • The Company does not fix prices, allocate services or divide markets with competitors.
  • The Company does not collude on tenders with competitors.

Business partner relations

  • The Company´s product and service delivery will meet agreed standards for quality, health, safety and the environment at customer sites.
  • Customer privacy is respected and applicable data protected.
  • Customer complaints are addressed effectively, and they are considered a valuable contribution to constantly ensuring high levels of service.

Work-place standards

  • The Company ensures proper working conditions for its employees, including appropriate health and safety standards.
  • The Company tolerates no form of discrimination against employees; all employees are entitled to fair and equal treatment.
  • The Company respects the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining; all employees have the right to join the works council, employee representation or union.
  • The Company uses no forced or compulsory labour.
  • In accordance with international conventions, the Company avoids employing children.
  • The Company offers adequate wages that – as a minimum – comply with local agreements and regulations.
  • The Company supports the introduction and upholding of minimum wages.
  • Employees are offered training opportunities relevant to the function they perform.
  • The Company respects employee privacy and protects applicable data accordingly.